Carolina Adventure World features a vintage Enduro course custom designed to challenge riders and enthusiasts of all levels. Our single track dirt bike only Enduro trails will guide you through over 10 miles of to the "Top of the World" location at the park, the highest location in South Carolina North of Columbia. Come practice your trail riding today and experience the Carolina Adventure World Enduro course as the premier location of "Where To Ride".

"Venture off the main roads onto one of the numerous hand-cut (Enduro) trails and find yourself being engulfed by seemingly endless natural hardwoods growing amongst the mountainous terrain. This terrain harbors rocky outcroppings and winding inclines that present a natural playground for the technical rider."
Red Rider Magazine, Tales of a South Carolinian Treasure

Printable Dirt Bike Map

We are committed to providing the best possible riding experience as well as the safest. To accommodate our guests from all ages, skills and equipment preference please adhere to the following Park Rules & Regulations. Please be courteous and considerate of your fellow riders, and help keep our children safe. For more details, please visit Rules and Regulations.

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