No Equipment, No Problem. Call ahead for reservations on equipment. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with equiping you with the right ATV, UTV, dirt bike or golf cart to provide you with the highest quality and latest rental equipment for your riding experience.

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Equipment Rental: (All rentals require Rental waiver, riding pass and helmet)
Yamaha Grizzly 350
      Weekday            $90.00
      Weekend           $140.00
Dirt Bike
Honda 230cc
        Weekday           $90.00
        Weekend          $140.00
Honda 150cc
        Weekday          $75.00
        Weekend         $125.00
Honda 100cc
        Weekday          $70.00
        Weekend         $120.00
Honda 70cc
        Weekday         $50.00
        Weekend         $75.00
 Polaris SXS 170cc
        Weekday         $70.00
        Weekend        $120.00

Boots                      $12.50
Chest Protector        $10.00

Golf Cart                  $20.00
Helmet are included with rental
Rental does not include riding fee. Please refer to Park Rates.
There are no refunds on rental, camping and park passes due to weather.

We are committed to providing the best possible riding experience as well as the safest. To accomodate our guests from all ages, skills and equipment preference please adhere to the following Park Rules & Regulations. Please be courteous and considerate of your fellow riders, and help keep our children safe. For more details, please visit Rules and Regulations.

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