We are committed to providing the best possible riding experience as well as the safest. To accommodate our guests from all ages, skills and equipment preference please adhere to the following Park Rules & Regulations. Please be courteous and considerate of your fellow riders, and help keep our children safe.

Save time as you check in at the Park. Complete the Waiver and Pass Holder forms below, print and bring with you to Carolina Adventure World. Please note a signed Park Waiver form and a photo ID is required each visit to the park, unless you have a Annual Pass or Daily Rider ID card..

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Park WaiversPark Waiver This form is required for all participants at Carolina Adventureworld. Print, complete and bring to the park with your phot ID.
Pass Holder FormPass Holder This form is used to purchase your Annual Pass or Daily Rider Card. Completion of this form before you come to the park will save you time.