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What is Disc Golf? If you think of the term 'frisbee golf' instead, a better picture will come to mind. Disc Golf is like traditional golf except you use specially made discs instead of clubs and balls. And you throw the disc as chained baskets above ground to simulate holes. There are different kinds of discs just like different clubs in regular golf.

How is Disc Golf played? At each hole, there is an above ground wire basket that serves as the hole. From the tee box, each player will toss the disc towards the hole. You keep score by how many tosses it takes until the disc lands in the wire basket.

What is the cost to play Disc Golf? The cost to play is $5.00 per person. if you are staying at the park, then the fee is waived. Check in at the Welcome Center is required.

CAW will have discs available to use or you can bring your own.

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